Two girls, one car (+Dad) ?

It’s not what you think.

What are you thinking?

Scratch that.

Between sitting down and finishing our mains, I’d brought my family over the dark side (we have cookies!) and got them hooked on the idea of taking part in the Mongol Rally. Of course though, we’d be needing a name and Team Darnley just sounds a bit tame, don’t you think?

We were still sat at the lunch table finishing off Easter Lunch when Laura suddenly burst out laughing and went rather red. She’d thought of a name but could barely stop laughing long enough to tell us what it was. She calmed herself down just enough to whisper the name she’d thought of:

Two girls One car.

We were off, both howling with laughter. Mum, Dad and Granny were all sat at the table looking equally confused.

“Two girls one car?” They all looked at each other, then back at us as if searching for some clue as to what had caused Laura and I to dissolve into a heap of giggles on the other side of the table.

Then Mum started laughing.

Instantly Laura and I stopped laughing.

How on earth could Mum possibly know what it was referencing…we looked at each other, perturbed.

“Two girls, one car! One car sounds like wanker!” Mum thought it was hilarious.

Oh dear. If there was ever a facepalm moment…

Given that we’ll be needing sponsorship (lots of sponsorship) for this adventure and that we’ll be raising money for charity perhaps we’ll be steering clear of Laura’s “Two Girls One Car” idea…it would definitely attract a lot of attention though that’s for sure.

In the meantime, I think we’ll be sticking with “Team Darnley”

2 thoughts on “Two girls, one car (+Dad) ?

  1. Gail Darnley says:

    Well good luck to Team 3D (temporary id pending announcement of official name). I must confess to a slight wistfulness when you first announced this plan…but realistically doubt I would be much use, other than driving, since my French and very limited Spanish are unlikely to help on this adventure!
    Might be able to help with some equipment though so I will have a think and let you know.
    Best wishes, Gail xx

    • Anna says:

      Team 3D – I like it! I’ll add it to the list of suggestions. We’ve still got a year left so lots of time for thinking on that front. Given the size of the car we’ll be heading out in, even with the three of us, it’ll be a pretty tight fit! Dad’s already planning to fold down seats to make space for stuff… we’ll undoubtedly be welcoming all offers of support – looking forwards to hearing what you have in mind!

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