There was a Japanese man in a pub

I could hardly have Taka going back to Japan without having been to an English pub now, could I? Thankfully, my Dad was of a similar opinion so the three of us hopped in the car and went off in search of a good Sunday roast!


While Sussex is not exactly the most lively place, it does have a brilliant selection of pubs offering great locals beers and ales and cooking up tasty local food. Being a Sunday and all, it was not hard to find somewhere cooking up a roasts. We popped down the local and settled in.

Well we sure got what we came for –  the food was great and they even had port and lemonade so I was happy! I’d introduced Taka to port and lemonade while he was here…he decided that it tasted best paired with cheese and onion crips. Oh Taka, what are we going to do with you.


The highlight of the afternoon was when Taka declared English food wonderful – and even posted a Facebook status to inform all of his Japanese friends of his change in opinion. See? To all those people out there who think English food is poor and that all we have is fish and chips. Think again.

Poor Taka didn’t realise that my Dad is quite passionate about defending English cuisine and Taka’s surprised comments on how good the food actually was resulted in a lengthy description of British food from varieties of sausage and cheese to pies, stunning cakes to roast meats. As my Dad quite rightly pointed out, the food is there for the taking, you simply have to get off your backside and walk past your local KFC/McDonalds/Dominos to find it.


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