The Day Taka Came To Stay

Taka and I met back when I was studying in Beijing on my year abroad. We were put in the same class on the first day and while I have no idea how we became friends, since our first day of class I can’t remember us not being friends.

You know when you meet people and you just know you’ll be friends? We’re like that.

I’ve visited Taka in Japan three times now. I saw him for the first time back in 2013, the summer we graduated from BNU. Blogging work saw me Tokyo-bound in 2014 and we met up again. Most recently, I visited him in Kyoto for a week as part of my summer travels.


While I was there, he mentioned how keen he was to come to England. I laughed and promised (like I always do) that he was always welcome. Fast forward two months, I’d started work and returned from my orientation in Chicago and there was a message from Taka. He’d booked his flight tickets and was England-bound!

I set about putting together an itinerary for his stay, trying to make sure I packed in as much as possible for his 10 days in London while having to explain that side trips to various European cities would probably not be possible.

I was pretty busy juggling work and my tour guide responsibilities but all in all, we had a pretty damn awesome time!


On to 10 days of madness!

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