Recently when regaling tales to a friend of the crazy stuff that happens in my life, my friend declared that a) I should become a comedian (under consideration) and b) I should have a twitter feed dedicated to such tales. Apparently it would also include funny things I say…a sort of “Shit Anna Says”* if you like.

I was both pleased and yet somewhat perturbed by this. Pleased that my friends find my company entertaining, perturbed that they think it warrants its own social media channel.

While I’m not quite creating a new Twitter account for the sole purpose of documenting all the bonkers stuff that I seem to attract like some kind of defunct magnet, I figure this blog would be as good a place as any to share such things so without any further ado, I present to you STOHTA.

Shit. That. Only. Happens. To. Anna.

I wanted to add “Random” to the front but RSTOHTA just didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Under this new tag, I’ll share the really weird, odd, damn right peculiar things that seem such a normal part of my life yet entertain my friends no end.

To keep the expectations reasonable, we’ll start with a not particularly funny but rather bemusing event from yesterday which started with the girl sat opposite me in Starbucks while I was waiting for my flight.

I was sat there (not) subtly watching the Korean girl trying to eat the chocolate chip muffin that her boyfriend bought her while meticulously picking all of the chocolate chips out because apparently they will make her fat.

I’m sat there fighting the urge to say “are you aware you’re eating a MUFFIN?”.

What is it with people these days….

*Dear Dad, I know you don’t approve of swearing and have always maintained that swear words are the words of those who lack the sufficient vocabulary to express themselves normally. However the “Shit XXX says” is a series of videos which parodies certain people/groups of people behaving or saying things in a certain way hence its inclusion in this post.

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