Reunited with Harry

I’d planned to stay with my friend Winnie during my trip to Hong Kong but Winnie’s pesky flatmate put her foot down and demanded no strangers in the house. I know I’m not 100% normal but I thought that was a little harsh.

While traipsing AirBnB-Hong Kong and feeling somewhat gloomy, I received a Facebook message from my friend Harry. He’d seen my Facebook status about my upcoming trip to Hong Kong and he was going to be in Hong Kong too! It was like magic!

Harry and I met for the first time back in 2010 during my first trip to Changsha. Instantly we became good friends and for the rest of that summer and for the duration of the return trips that followed, Harry was my guide and my go-to. Introducing me to all things Changsha-nese, I have Harry to thank for a lot of the wonderful experiences I had during my first few trips to China which no doubt shaped my view of the country and the people and led to many more return trips.

However, that following summer, Harry left to attend medical school in the US (he’s a smart cookie!) and that was that! Years passed, in fact four years passed, with our paths uncrossing and yet here we were.

I sent a cheeky message…I would be in Hong Kong but I had nowhere to stay, could I possibly borrow a bed/couch/area of floor space? “Of course!” he said and with that, everything was sorted. He was staying with his brother for the week before returning to the Mainland – “I’m warning you! The place is tiny – this is Hong Kong” he said but I didn’t care one bit. Not only was my housing crisis sorted but I was getting a proper reunion.

I spent most of the Saturday with Winnie, meeting up with Harry late on Saturday night after the movie ended. As I came out of the exit of the MTR station, there he was. In an instant, it was like we rewound four years, it felt like nothing had changed. Yes we are older and I swear to God he’s got even taller (I mean, it’s not like I could’ve got shorter!) but it was just like old times.

We grabbed coffee on the way home, grilling each other on everything – it had been so long since we’d caught up. How did we let it become that long?

We got home and I met his brother QF whose couch I’d be occupying. I lasted through a good hour or so of catch up before the excitement wore off sufficiently for my tiredness to take hold. Despite my protestations (made loudly while yawning and also trying not to yawn), Harry declared bed time and the three of us turned in for the night.

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