My first Air BnB Experience

While I’m not one for New Years resolutions, I’m big into my personal goal setting. The idea, as I explained in my previous post Life in Agile, being that through setting short term, realistic goals, much more gets done.

One of these goals is my #12in12 target – yes, it has its own hashtag. It’s a thing – which will see me visiting a new place each month. I’d originally planned that to visit a new country each month but time constraints may see this reduced to ‘simply’ visiting a foreign city each month.

Before I knew I was going to Manila, I’d already put a weekend in Luxembourg in the diary. On Thursday morning as I was packing to leave Manila, I realised that while my flights to Luxembourg were booked for the following day, I didn’t actually have anywhere to stay.

The offering from my normal go-to for accommodation, Hostelworld, was somewhat lacking and so, with slight nervousness, I made an account on AirBnB. I scouted out rooms in Luxembourg and came across a lovely place that was walking distance from town and reasonably priced. I was sold. I put in a request and a short while later, I received an email from Anne saying I was welcome to stay and that she’d see me Friday night.

Accommodation sorted, I flew in peace landing in Heathrow at 5am the following day. It was home, unpack, repack, take work calls and before I knew it, I was back at the airport waiting to board my flight to Luxembourg.

I arrived at Anne’s house and was shown the room – it was even better than in the pictures. The bedroom was spacious and most importantly with snow piled up outside, toasty and warm!


There was also a small study area and on the desk was exactly what I needed at that exact moment in time – snacks!


In no time, I was snuggled up in the chair in my jim-jams, updating this very blog typing with one hand and holding a steaming mug of green tea in the other – perfection.

I hadn’t realised just how convenient AirBnB was but I’m now officially converted. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still occasionally turn to HostelWorld for that sense of community and comaraderie that can only be felt in a 12 bed dorm room but in the meantime, I’ll be AirBnB-ing it from now on!

Sign up to AirBnB here and I’ll get a discount on my next stay too! 😀

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