Meet Me


I’m Anna. I’m a high-flying digital strategy consultant with a passionate wanderlust addiction. I travel all over the world mixing work with pleasure and document my adventures here.


…or at least that’s the idea. In reality,  it’s more like a slightly failed juggling act between a full time job that requires 100% flexibility, attempting to teach myself about web development / design etc and a financially-questionable addiction to travel. My blog is a made up of a rather odd combination of work-mandated travel; think flashy hotels/fancy restaurants but no free time, and pleasure travel; cheap and cheerful, backpacking style – all posted on a rather erratic schedule.

ticket to freedom

After graduating, my biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to continue travelling like I had before – I should know myself better by now and shouldn’t have wasted time on such worries. Since graduation, if anything I’ve travelled more (overseas assignments and a salary have been very helpful in that regard!).

To date, I’ve lived in China, Japan and the Philippines, I’ve been to South Korea over 20 times and discovered a love of train travel while doing the epic Trans-Mongolian railway route in 2015.


I’d intended to shift my focus away from Asia this year to places more off the beaten track but that backfired a tad when I got sent on a 6 month assignment to Tokyo – not that I’m complaining in the slightest! The result has been lots of impulse weekend trips around Asia, getting on first name terms with the staff in the Cathay Pacific lounge at Haneda airport and more sushi than a girl could dream of. *sigh*


I haven’t let work get in the way too much though as this year I’m undertaking my biggest challenge yet: driving from London to Mongolia (and back again!). With my Dad and my sister by my side, I’ll be taking the wheel through 26 countries over 6 weeks. It’s going to be mental.

I’m also battling ongoing addictions to coconut ice cream, the em dash (-) and travel – obvsiously.