May Getaway : Salzburg & Wolfgangsee

After a fantastic start in Vienna, Mark and I made off for Salzburg. Now the entire world knows how much I love trains so I was very much looking forward to taking the train to Salzburg. I used to be incredibly productive on trains (and planes actually) and clamber on board with a massive to-do list which would all be completed by the time I got off. This is no longer the case though as now I just fall asleep. Perhaps it’s what happens when get older….Dad, any comments?

We rocked up in Salzburg ready to take the city on – but only after we’d stopped for a Magnum ice cream because, you know #Priorities. After checking in to our awesome AirBnB (which I’d highly recommend to anyone visiting) and having a little relax, we set off exploring.

See? We're best buds really!

Determined to track down *THE* best food in Salzburg, Mark had spent many an hour scouring the likes of Yelp before confirming that evening’s dinner location as Bärenwirt. Dining at one of the most highly reviewed restaurants in Salzburg  kept Mark happy and I was just happy because they had fried chicken – happiness all round! Now I’m no food critic (I should’ve asked Mark for a guest post) but in all seriousness, contrary to the reviews, while I thought it was good, it was nothing spectacular. Maybe I’d been expecting too much? Perhaps. In all fairness though, the restaurant itself has a super cosy pub atmosphere that I loved, the serving sizes were massive, all the servers spoke faultless English and I did end up with a killer potato salad so in conclusion : thumbs up!

See? We're best buds really!-2

A post-dinner riverside stroll was in order followed by a dash to the supermarket to pick up some bits and bobs for a DIY breakfast.

As I mentioned in the Vienna post, I’d done no preparation for this trip. Whereas normally I’ll have an idea of what to do and where to go – this trip : NADA. So by the time we got home, a “what do you wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” discussion ensued.

See? We're best buds really!-3

We settled on a day trip to Wolfgangsee. Tight on time? Yes. At all bothered? No. While Mark was gaming, I made up for my earlier poor performance and did what I do best : Planning! I tracked down the pdf of bus times (no small feat I’ll have you know – here for anyone who needs it) and worked out our route. With that, we were on our way.

With the lake in sight, we thought “stuff it! We’ll get off here” and rather athletically leapt off the bus and into the sunshine. We’d arrived in Strobl and you know what that meant? It was that time again and a search for white chocolate magnums ensued! #Priorities – it’s a thing, you know. While they didn’t have any white chocolate magnums  (Austria, please sort yourself out), they had milk chocolate magnums and while chocolate & raspberry ones so it was close enough.

We wandered all the way around the lake making it into the village town of Wolfgang approximately 80 million photos later. The scenery was just stunningly beautiful.

See? We're best buds really!-4

After a cheeky little lunch at PAUL der wirt and gelato to polish it all off, it was time to catch the bus home. As we made it to the bus shelter, it started to drizzle and before long we were in the middle of a full blown rainstorm. We ended up getting rather drenched on the walk home but we didn’t really care, c’est la vie!

See? We're best buds really!-5

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