May Getaway : Munich

Mark and I managed to squeeze quite a bit into the bank holiday weekend, didn’t we? *pats selves on the back* The final stop on our little tour was Munich. I’m 99.9% sure Munich was squeezed in solely that Mark could tick off an additional country in his #12in12 challenge (I told you it’s a thing!) but since I ticked off another country too, I’m hardly complaining!

I wasn’t as enamoured of Munich as I was of Vienna and Salzburg. It didn’t quite have the warmth and cosiness that I’d felt in Austria (nor the Matcha lattes in Starbucks… #justsaying) but what it lacked in lattes, it made up for in beautiful parks, great food and river surfing. Seriously, in Munich people surf in rivers. It’s almost as absurd as it is awesome.

We spent a lot of time in Munich walking. It may as well have been a walking holiday for the amount of walking we did. Googling “Munich to do” didn’t prove particularly helpful; we weren’t interested in visiting the Bayern Munich football stadium or one of the various BMW museums. While there isn’t a lot to do per se, there is a fair amount to see. The gardens are beautiful to walk through and make sure to check out the English Garden and wander past the Eisbach on your way to check out the surfers!

See? We're best buds really!-6

We started our final day off with breakfast at Schmalznudel a.k.a Café Frischhut – what is it with Munich and restaurants with awesome names? Breakfast was a schmalznudel and krapfen (apricot-jam filled donut). Given that I’m not a fried food fan and wouldn’t normally eat donuts anyway, I wasn’t particularly expecting much. Sure enough, it tasted like what you’d expect a donut to taste like with the nice addition of apricot jam. I kind of wish I’d tried the coffee since the reviews rave about it. It wasn’t bad though and the café itself was very cosy and cute. I’d drop by if I was in the area again but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

See? We're best buds really!-8

Mark was super keen to eat at Zwickl and I was more than happy to oblige. Germany was just bringing the name game. Wouldn’t you just love to go to a restaurant called Zwickl even if just to say you’ve been there? The food was interesting. Everything was meatballs/fish balls/veggie balls, basically balls of some description and then there was the odd salad or pasta option which looked somewhat out of place. Peculiar menu aside, we actually had a great time there. The service was some of the best we had in the trip and the waitress wasn’t afraid to call us out when she thought our eyes were getting a bit big for our stomachs. I can only say I’m glad she did because I couldn’t even finish my single portion.

See? We're best buds really!-7

Despite the sunny-looking photos, our time in Munich was somewhat hampered by poor weather. The weather was so poor in fact that on our night there we ended up stuck in a Thai restaurant while what felt like Munich’s sum annual rainfall fell outside. When boredom overtook disdain at the thought of being soaked, we made a dash for a snug coffee shop round the corner to sit and write our diaries in.

And with that we were done! We wound up at Munich airport early (Starbucks cups in hand 😀 ) and managed to sweet talk our way onto an earlier flight, ka-ching. There’s rarely a good thing to say about a trip coming to an end but for us, the highlight had to be kicking back in the BA First lounge and giggling at all the businessmen and women sampling the food offerings of chicken nuggets and mini pizzas. Very classy!

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