Introducing ‘One Steppe Beyond’

When one evening at the dinner table I proposed a drive to Mongolia (and back) for charity, what started as a casual “hey, wouldn’t that be cool?” comment became the makings of massive adventure to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres (a.k.a Doctors Without Borders).

And thus I am so very proud to announce that this summer, Team Darnley will be driving from London, UK to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia and back again.

That’s right.
My Dad, Laura and I will be driving nearly 25,000km. Covering 26 countries. In 6 weeks.
In a small, 15 year old, 1300cc Daihatsu Terios 4×4.
…Told you we’re a bit mad!

We’ll be covering our own costs and all monies raised will go to MSF. 

Our goal is simple: to raise as much as we can for this fantastic charity, ideally something around the £100,000 mark. Because you know, in true Darnley spirit, if something’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right!

The folks at MSF are incredibly inspiring; whether it’s risking their own lives to go into dangerous territories to help those who need it most or leading the fight against diseases such as Malaria and Ebola in some of the most desperate and deprived parts of the world, they are there.

And they need our help.

Did you know £25,000 funds a doctor in the field for a year? Or pays to convert an old landcruiser into an all-terrain ambulance? Isn’t that cool!?

If we really go for it, £200,000 pays for an “instant” 100-bed field hospital that would have the power to transform the lives of the people treated there – for many, it would be the difference between life and death.

So follow us, support us, (laugh at us!), share this epic adventure with us and let’s raise a crazy amount of money for an amazing charity – DONATE HERE.

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