Eye on the prize – future travel goals

So you’ve all seen the movie ‘Love Actually’ right? Do you remember the bit where Colin, in pursuit of girls less stuck up than the ones he finds in London, has an epiphany and concludes that the answer to all of his problems is just a plane ticket away and suddenly declares “I’m going to America” – much to the amusement and derision of his friend Justin – you remember?

Well I had a moment like that very recently.

Not 100% the same; I wasn’t so appalled/bored by the lack of (Tinder game) *ahem* things to do here in the Philippines that I decided to do a runner but rather I was looking through a website and was suddenly struck with this desire to drop everything and start planning my next adventure which, considering I’m currently in the middle of running a really important trial project for my client, was not well timed!

But it was similar in the sense that just from reading through this site, I got that tingle in my bones, that sense of restlessness that I always get when I know an adventure is about to begin.

This adventure is a long way away. There’s no way it’ll happen this year and it’s unlikely to happen next year or even the year after that either but like Colin, I’ve decided to do it. I’m going to drive to Mongolia. Kind of like the Mongol Rally…except kind of not.

For those of you not familiar with the sheer awesomeness that is the Mongol Rally (I say that like I’m some expert when really I only read about it last week and had my crazy epiphany moment at the weekend), the Mongol Rally is basically a crazy, dangerous, borderline-life threatening adventure in which you drive from UK to Ulan Ude – a city on the Russo-Mongolian border a.k.a the final Russian stop of the Trans-Siberian railway before it crosses into Mongolia (Laura and I stopped by during our travels last summer). The route is up to you. The only rules are that your car has to be tiny, you’re completely on your own and you have to raise £1000 for charity.

Which all sounds great except frankly it’s kind of expensive to take part and I’d rather either put that money towards the cost of the journey or just add it to the pot I’ll give to charity. Also their timelines don’t fit with my timelines. So I guess it’ll be even more of an adventure…

There are some pretty big blockers standing in my way:

1. I don’t have a driving licence.

2. I probably need at least 40-45 days to do it…substantially more than my current allowance at work.

3. I have no one to do it with.

While points one and two are definitely the more…tricky problems shall we say, I don’t see any of them being a real sticking point. So it won’t be appearing on my blog any time soon but it has been written and so it will be done.

In the meantime, back to planning Cuba!

3 thoughts on “Eye on the prize – future travel goals

  1. Joanna says:

    lmao I love how you’re talking about your future goal for the Rally and then go back to planning Cuba (didn’t even know you were going to Cuba, you never stop do you?)

    Well I’ve never heard of the Mongol Rally before and it sounds a bit scary but freaking exciting at the same time!
    I think these obstacles are not REAL obstacle so you’ll definitely be able to do it if you set your mind on it 🙂
    how in the world did you find about this Mongol Rally? lol

    I do hope you’ll do it, I kinda want to follow this adventure :p

    • Anna says:

      I decided on Cuba a while back – got to get there before all the Americans do!! I hadn’t heard of it either but chanced across a friend’s Facebook page and saw a post about it. 45 minutes later I was already somewhat ahead of myself, mapping my would-be route between here and Ulan-Ude. It’s one of those things I’m not going to let go…just need to get a drivers licence first then quit my job (or negotiate some major leave time!) then find some people to go with … (not quite sure I’ve got these in the right order but the intention is there)

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