Chicago : Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

I’d been promised the best but alas it was not to be.

*Not my hand!-5

After hearing rave reviews about the insanely-good, dream-like quality of the legendary Chicago deep dish pizza, Ellie, Chris and I headed straight for Giordano’s on Rush Street. We’d heard it was the best…and it also happened to be the closest pizza place so off we went. We arrived to find an hour-plus long queue. In all fairness, it was 7PM on Friday night in the centre of Chicago – think New York’s Times Square, London’s Soho…whatever the Chicago-equivalent is, we were in the middle of it. The staff in our hotel tried to convince me there would be no queue but I was having none of it- what did I look like? Some lost kid from England?…

Even so, an hour is a long time to wait.

But eating deep dish pizza was at the top of our joint Chicago to-do list so I put our names down for a table and we went off for a walkabout. We stopped by Trader Joe’s, I picked up an Illinois Starbucks cup to add to my collection and we strolled around, eventually making our way back to the restaurant an hour later only to be told we had another 30-40 minutes wait.

The red mist of hanger began to descend. We were not happy.

But being emotionally invested and having already waited an hour, we figured worse things could happen and decided to wait it out. We placed our order-to-be, grabbed some drinks at the bar and got chatting to a lovely couple from Florida.

Finally a table was ready for us and it was time for food.

Ellie doesn’t eat cheese so she’d ordered a separate pizza while Chris and I decided to split a small pizza pie – oh my god, so much food. When the food finally came, it was already quite cold which was rather disappointing and made me think our food had been left standing while they’d sorted out the table situation. You know how amazing normal pizza tastes when it’s cold? Not so much for pizza pie.

*Not my hand!-4

Our deep dish pizza consisted of a thick dough base with a thin layer of tomato sauce, a layer of chicken, a thick layer of dough, a thick layer of cheese and another layer of tomato sauce on top.  It definitely felt the scales were tipped strongly in the direction of quantity over quality. There was just so much dough and the pizza itself didn’t really taste like much except, well, dough. Ellie definitely ordered the best – her pizza was super tasty and came with a really yummy green dressing on it.

*Not my hand!-6

The service was pretty poor. The waiter was cheery enough in the beginning but kept forgetting our drinks and disappearing. He came and gave us the cheque when we were barely half way through the pizza which I find really rude but I think this is just an American thing because it’s happened a lot on this trip. It wasn’t just me, Ellie and Chris weren’t too impressed either:

*Not my hand!-3

I don’t know, maybe my expectations were too high but I felt like Giordano’s let the side down a bit. I was later told that I should’ve gone to Lou Malnati’s or Pequod’s instead so I’ll be saving those for next time!

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