After arriving back from travelling a little over two weeks ago, today I found myself back on an airplane bound for good, old ‘Murica! It has been a fair few months since I visited the US and goodness me, how so many things have changed. No longer a student, this time I’m travelling for work – my first taste of business travel (of sorts).

*Not my hand!-2

Having just completed two weeks of training in London, I’ve now got two weeks of global training in Chicago with my peers from our North America and UKI offices. Despite numerous trips across the pond, I’ve never actually been to Chicago so it’s great to be ticking another city of the list and this trip was well timed because having been back in the UK for two weeks, I felt ready for another adventure!

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We are everywhere.

We had a pretty big intake for my start group and consequently, rather than being all on the same flight, we were in groups of 20 or so and put on different flights. Like the cool kids on the bus, we occupied the back rows off the plane – not sure who’s seating decision that was whether it was Accenture’s or the airline’s – but it was a wise one because to say we were not quiet would be an understatement. However, as some of my colleagues were quick to point out, it was day time in both the UK or the US so really by keeping everyone awake, we were just doing everyone a favour!

After panels falling off the luggage lockers and a few ‘technical issues’, we were finally off and away. I’d considered myself pretty well prepared for the flight. Ear plugs. Check. Eye Mask. Check. Food supplies (because…come on, it’s plane food and we’re in economy) Check. 

I was sorted, right?

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Even by plane food standards…

No. My one big gripe with United is the entertainment. The screens on the plane were tiny and there was a rather abysmal selection of outdated movies available on said screen. Apparently the idea is that you download the United Airlines app prior to boarding and use your portable devices instead but with no way to charge the device or download the app once onboard, it’s a bit of a no-go. Prior to boarding, nowhere had I seen or heard anything about this app… I mean, they could’ve at least had a sign at the gate encouraging you to download it, surely!

I opted for attempted* sleep instead.

*Not my hand!


*A challenging task given my travel companions…

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