Chateau 1771 : refined dining

I first encountered Chateau 1771 in a rather roundabout way. Invited to a friend of a friend’s dinner party, I unknowingly turned up to find that I was in fact crashing this poor fellow’s bachelor party. Oops.

In typical Filipino fashion, the fact that no one had any idea who this odd foreign woman was who had showed up was politely ignored and I was welcomed in, seated at the table and the conversation continued. I felt like one of the crew straight-away and with jokes flying across the table, I’d completely forgotten the fact that a mere fifteen minutes previously, the groom and I had not even been acquainted.

The amount of food consumed that evening was criminal, the amount of champagne polished off even more so – so you can imagine that I left with quite an impression.

Serving quintessentially European fare, there was everything one would expect – even Raclette made an appearance on the menu. It was ordered that night and I did try it. I wasn’t particularly impressed but I’m not sure whether that’s because it wasn’t good or because I just don’t have a high opinion of Raclette generally. I’d probably go with the latter. Raclette aside, we started with Salmon Pillows (a great start!) and Oysters (heavenly) then moved onto the Four Seasons Salad and the Goats Cheese and Grilled Apple Salad. We ordered a number of mains for the table; the Salmon Rockefeller, 300g of Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak and the Parmiggiano Ravioli. No doubt- the salmon was a clear winner.

This evening, while wondering the paths of Greenbelt choosing where to dine, I spied Chateau 1771. As I near the end of my time here in Manila, I’ve tried to stick to the rule of not eating at the same place more than once…which as you can see hasn’t quite gone to plan! However I consoled myself with the fact that I ordered things I hadn’t tried before…so that’s ok.

Looking for something new to try, I ordered the Scallops Au Gratin and the Baked Salmon.

They don’t serve bread here but rather these peculiar flattened bread things…there’s probably a name for them but I haven’t the faintest clue what it is. They didn’t really taste of much and I probably wouldn’t have eaten them but I was famished after my 90 minute torture session at the hands of the hotel gym trainer so ate them anyway.

Munching away on these little flattened breadsticks, I resisted the urge to stick my headphones in (we’re such an antisocial generation) and instead enjoyed the live acoustic Spanish guitar being played a few tables away.


Before long my scallops had been served and boy, it was worth the wait. Sautéed with garlic and parsley, the scallops were pure, melt-in-my-mouth wonderfulness. As I finished the final one, I wondered if I’d made a grave mistake ordering the salmon, perhaps I should have just ordered two portions of the scallops instead…


Mid-train of thought, the salmon arrived. Now, the salmon itself was hands-down the best fillet of salmon I’ve had here in the Philippines. That’s the best thing I can say about it really. I felt the presentation was  bit lacking and the rice that came separately in a bowl was dry and plain. I knew I’d intentionally picked out one of the healthier options but come on! It didn’t even come with any vegetables…with hindsight I guess I should have ordered these on the side but still. I left full but not entirely satisfied. The salmon was a bit of a disappointment compared to the scallops…I definitely should’ve ordered round two of the scallops or given their Fricassee-style Chicken a try.

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