#12in12 (2016)

01/01/2016 I always thought this was a thing but a quick google tells me it's not. I'd made a decision at the start of December 2015 that one of my goals for the New Year would be to travel to a country a month. I wasn't sure quite how I would travel as much once I [...]

#6 Bogotá, Colombia

Thanks to the help of Luz, the lovely Colombian tour guide I chanced upon meeting in the airport, I had an absolutely wonderful stopover in Bogotá. Despite my very limited timeframe, I still managed to get out of the airport and have a good look around. Our tour took me through Candelaría, past the Gold [...]

When the stars align

There are those times in life when the stars miraculously align and everything just seems to fall perfectly into place. As odd as it may seem, my stopover in Colombia was one of those exact moments. When I had that mad moment in my hotel room in Manila and booked flights to Cuba, I'd had [...]