#12in12 (2016)

01/01/2016 I always thought this was a thing but a quick google tells me it's not. I'd made a decision at the start of December 2015 that one of my goals for the New Year would be to travel to a country a month. I wasn't sure quite how I would travel as much once I [...]

#5 New York, USA

April saw me travelling back to the US for work. A week of meetings in Houston presented my colleague Alphy and I with a fantastic opportunity for a little stopover in the Big Apple. It was Alphy's first time in NYC so we did the traditional touristy things; strolled through Central Park, ate pancakes in [...]

Settling into St Charles

As part of my training with Accenture, I have two weeks of classes the Accenture Q Centre campus in St Charles. Contrary to what I’d heard prior to my arrival, I think it’s a pretty nice place. People I’d spoken to complained of small rooms and bad food but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Ok, so it's [...]


After arriving back from travelling a little over two weeks ago, today I found myself back on an airplane bound for good, old ‘Murica! It has been a fair few months since I visited the US and goodness me, how so many things have changed. No longer a student, this time I'm travelling for work - [...]