Off to Seoul…again

Summer is finally here. Well at least in London it arrived, stayed for a few days and then promptly left again taking us back to the murky, grey weather that makes me want to curl up in a massive sweater and not leave the house. Faced with doing that or heading off in search of [...]

#12in12 (2016)

01/01/2016 I always thought this was a thing but a quick google tells me it's not. I'd made a decision at the start of December 2015 that one of my goals for the New Year would be to travel to a country a month. I wasn't sure quite how I would travel as much once I [...]


Recently when regaling tales to a friend of the crazy stuff that happens in my life, my friend declared that a) I should become a comedian (under consideration) and b) I should have a twitter feed dedicated to such tales. Apparently it would also include funny things I say...a sort of "Shit Anna Says"* if [...]

A break for the soul 

 So it's been a pretty hectic few weeks here on the ground in Manila. A combination of (very) long days and tight deadlines has left few hours spare in the day so at some point last week, as the clock struck midnight yet again I decided enough was enough. A break was needed. And so, [...]