A break for the soul 

 So it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks here on the ground in Manila. A combination of (very) long days and tight deadlines has left few hours spare in the day so at some point last week, as the clock struck midnight yet again I decided enough was enough. A break was needed. And so, I did what I do best. I booked a plane ticket.

What better for healing a worn out soul than a trip to one of my favourite cities, Seoul.

(Did you appreciate what I did there, did you?)

Eight days later, here I am sat in Manila airport. My flight has been delayed an hour – so not only did I arrive here a ghastly four hours early because the “horrendous” traffic was actually non-existent but I have an additional hour as well – and who knows, probably more as I’ve still got two hours left.

To top all of that off, according the announcement that just came over the tanoy, a tap has just burst in some part of the terminal and the water has now been switched off. Bathrooms out of order. Coffee shops no longer serving anything except bottled drinks. No footwashing.

I’m not sure why the last bit was so important but the lady making the announcement said it with such gusto I felt compelled to include it.

Jokes aside, it will be good to be back in Seoul. I’ll see my friends, eat good food and properly relax for all of 48 hours.

I’ve just got to get there first!

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