#2 San Sebastián, Spain

At the end of last year I paid a trip to San Sebastián to visit a good friend of mine, Beñat. Beñat and I met in a hostel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last summer while I was on my ‘Anna X Asia’ adventure. Sharing the same dorm room, we quickly became friends and once we’d noticed our matching itineraries, we ended up travelling together through Cambodia and Thailand until he returned to Spain and I carried onto Singapore…or was it Nepal?

Either way, I dropped by in December right before Christmas just in time to join in for St Thomas – a traditional local festival which in the olden days saw all the farmers travel to the city to sell their produce in the run up to Christmas. While many farmers do still make the journey, it’s now more seen as an excuse for the excessive consumption of deliciously greasy sausage sandwiches washed down with cider. No complaints! Beñat even kindly arranged traditional dress for me so I looked like a proper farmers’ wife(!) – I did get told off for showing my ankles, utterly scandalous apparently!


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